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Saffron, Face Mask Trend for Muslimah
06 Mar

Saffron, Face Mask Trend for Muslimah

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Hello Herat friends, now there are so many facial mask trends for beauty. Now one of them is saffron. Saffron is a flower pistil which has the Latin name Crocus Sativus. Saffron is commonly used for cooking and health spices, but it also has benefits for beauty.

"How about cooking spices can be a face mask?"

Don't get me wrong, according to research, saffron has a high content of vitamins and antioxidants that have therapeutic properties and potassium to help the formation and repair of facial skin cells. Now the saffron content is useful for getting rid of acne, black spots, panda eyes, dry skin, and other facial skin problems. In fact, according to beauty experts, saffron extract can make skin glow.

By mixing certain ingredients, saffron can be used as a mask depending on the needs. For example, to get rid of acne, saffron is usually mixed with milk and then applied to the face. Or maybe to get rid of dark spots, saffron strands can be mixed with honey. If you want the best results, make sure you buy the best quality saffron.

"How do you choose the best saffron?"

The best quality saffron, has a deep red color with an orange tip. So we have a recommendation for saffron products for friends, namely Herat Saffron. This saffron is imported directly from Afghanistan, one of the countries that produces the best quality saffron and is well known to the world.

"What makes Herat Saffron different from other Saffrons?"

Herat saffron is specialized in producing top class saffron in the world. Herat Saffron only sells breeding quality, and the traditional way of harvesting is to maintain the quality of the saffron. Products from Herat Saffron are laboratory tested and certified for high quality.

The best quality is certainly accompanied by a supportive production method. Organic planting and careful harvesting make the quality of saffron better than other saffrons. Besides that, the factors of climate, temperature, weather and soil type also support the production of the best quality saffron.

So how are friends interested in trying saffron to treat your facial skin?

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