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Here's the Right Way to Store Saffron
13 Mar

Here's the Right Way to Store Saffron

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Hello Friends of Herat, saffron is currently popular for consumption. Even though the price is quite expensive, the benefits are quite a lot of attraction for regular consumption. Friends need to pay attention to how to store saffron. Saffron will not spoil, but if you store it carelessly it will lose its taste and quality. So, to maintain the quality of saffron, friends need to understand how to store saffron.

"How do you store saffron?"

The most important step in storing saffron is to store it in a small, airtight container. Friends need to pay attention to several aspects such as sunlight, air temperature, humidity. Saffron is very sensitive to sunlight. If you are exposed to frequent sunlight, saffron can lose its natural color and aroma. Also pay attention to the temperature for storing saffron, it is recommended to store saffron at a temperature of 15-20 degrees Celsius.

"Can saffron be kept in the refrigerator?"

To keep the saffron from deteriorating, do not store the saffron in the refrigerator. This is to keep the saffron humidity at 40%. When saffron is exposed to moisture, let alone high humidity levels, saffron will begin to lose its properties in no time. The same is true for saffron that is exposed to oxygen. This is one reason why you should use a small container where air cannot circulate freely.

"How long can saffron be stored?"

In general, saffron can last for more than two years if stored properly. However, it is best to consume it before two years, because after that time the saffron will lose its effect. As you know, it turns out that saving saffron is not difficult. Just need an airtight and clean container and pay attention to where to store it

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