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Saffron, Protect You from Free Radicals

Posted By: Rafi'a Ali Akbar Comments: 0 Times Read: 145

Free radicals are very dangerous for the body! Because it causes cell damage in the body. Too many free radicals in the body can make the body experience oxidative stress

Here's the Right Way to Store Saffron

Posted By: Rafia Ali Akbar Comments: 0 Times Read: 1094

As you know, it turns out that saving saffron is not difficult. Just need an airtight and clean container and pay attention to where to store it

Saffron, Face Mask Trend for Muslimah

Posted By: Rafia Ali Akbar Comments: 0 Times Read: 341

By mixing certain ingredients, saffron can be used as a mask depending on the needs. For example, to get rid of acne, saffron is usually mixed with milk and then applied to the face. Or maybe to get rid of dark spots, saffron strands can be mixed with honey.

Prevent Diabetes Mellitus with Regular Saffron Consumption

Posted By: Oky Comments: 0 Times Read: 353

From the results of clinical trials, saffron has effectiveness in lowering fasting blood glucose (GDP). This study used several samples and obtained results in the form of an increase in insulin in the sample tested.

Healthy in Old Age with Saffron

Posted By: Rafia Ali Akbar Comments: 0 Times Read: 295

The benefits of saffron have been widely studied by health experts. Its effect as an herbal medicine is not kidding, from minor ailments to serious illnesses, it can be treated using this spice. Even for daily consumption, saffron is very beneficial. According to research from international journals written by several health experts, saffron has an anti-Alzheimer's effect, better known as dementia. Health studies prove that the content in saffron can increase brain power.

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